Surpass Conventional Kumiko Art, A New Challenge to the World of Art Decor.

Masanobu Shiozawa
“Kumiko” Artist

He was born in Nagano Iida-city in 1973. His father was a wooden fittings craftsman but was not crafting fitting that utilize “Kumiko”. First time he saw “Kumiko” at national wooden fittings exhibition and he was astonished that if human can create such great works. On the way back from the exhibition, he made his mind to be a great Kumiko artist who can win Prime Minister Prize one day. It was when he was only 10 years old.

Since then he devoted his life to craft “Kumiko” while helping his father. Even when he was at school, he kept sketching “Kumiko” pattern. “Kumiko” was always in his mind whether being awake or asleep. And He kept exercising his unique ingenuity and became a “Kumiko” artist after graduating from junior high school. However, his path of being a great “Kumiko” artist was not easy. Half a year after graduating from junior high school, his father’s workshop was bankrupted. His family had to fleet by night and had to live in cheapest flat in the city. He once gave up his dream and became a carpenter in order to make a living.  Even he was in such a tough situation, he was blessed with people and his wife had given him continuous support, and he was able to keep cultivating his skill and eventually overcame the difficult situation. In 2001, when he was 27 years old, he finally won Prime Minister Prize and made his dream come true. And he was the youngest winner of the prize in history.

His art works are following traditional way yet unique as he utilizes true color of woods and uses curve to express. Usually conventional “Kumiko” art is to create flat geometric pattern. However, he invented a method to use curve to express petal pattern. Cherry blossom petal pattern is one of his masterpieces.

And now he is trying to spread his art works and “Kumiko” itself to the world as he researching combination of new material and expressive method to surpass conventional Kumiko art.